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World champions in smooth-running projects

We’re the world leader in offshore wind installation and service solutions at a wide variety of locations.

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Over 1,700 turbines – and still counting

A2Sea has the market’s most successful track record in turbine installation. We’ve installed more than 1,700 offshore wind turbines of all brands, types and sizes, including 2.0 to 8.3 MW from the top 5 manufacturers. We have installed turbines in just about every configuration possible including one or two piece towers, full rotor lifts, ‘bunny ear’ configuration nacelle lifts, and separate nacelle lifts with single blade installation. And we’ve installed them in locations from the Irish Sea to the Baltic Sea – in fact, all the major locations of more than decade in offshore wind energy.

The combined experience gained from each of these different operational techniques and seabed or weather conditions means that A2Sea’s employees have an unrivalled knowledge bank to draw upon when faced with a new challenge. We also use this knowhow to lead the market as a developer of new designs for installation and service equipment.

Our turbine installations are Team Built.

The lifting and positioning of large, yet delicate components high above the vessel deck requires great control, precision and, above all, never-ending attention to safety. And that’s just one situation where superior teamwork makes its benefits felt – in our dedicated team of lifting supervisors, who ensure that crucial criteria are met every time. Teamwork and collaboration are also important to ensure a good atmosphere and we encourage a Team Built spirit on board all our vessels. We also work closely with the turbine manufacturers whose staff live and work on board our vessels for months at a time.

Best equipment. Best practices.

Over the years, we’ve developed proven turbine installation procedures for different vessel types – whatever the project or solution. Given the nature of offshore conditions, we have also learned, of course, to always be ready with a Plan B – although it’s seldom needed. And we’re the quickest in the industry to adapt if needs should change.


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