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We’re the world leader in offshore wind installation and service solutions at a wide variety of locations.

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O&M service

Service and logistics

Installing wind turbines and foundations has long been our focus. With the increasing need for service, along with rising numbers of both installation and service crew requiring transportation to and from sites, we support both park owners and turbine manufacturers in offshore wind operation and maintenance by providing the following services:

  • Crane vessels for heavy lift maintenance
  • Logistics services from planning to decommissioning

There are plenty of good reasons to choose A2Sea for your service and logistics needs. For example:

  • We have over a decade of offshore wind project management know-how
  • Our resources are wind-experienced: Operational, ship management and HSE
  • A broad regulatory authority and MWS network
  • Extensive sub-contractor network – and we’ve worked with most
  • Deep knowledge of customer requirements
  • Substantial site knowledge in our A2Sea Site Database

A comprehensive site database

A2Sea maintains an extensive turbine database for all the sites where we work. This contains details about factors such as seabed conditions, cable locations and turbine specifications and enables us to save time and act fast when critical situations arise. The database provides useful documentation for everyone involved in future jobs on the site and covers data such as:

  • Site, foundation and turbine-specific information
  • Position of vessel, anchors, legs
  • Vessel track in/out of the wind farm
  • Configurations of vessel, crane
  • Cable routes
  • Seabed surveys
  • Water depth
  • Scour
  • Penetration of each leg per 30 minutes
  • Crane operations per 10 minutes

Working closely with our clients, we are currently developing the next version of our database to make it even more useful for operating at offshore wind farms.

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