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World champions in smooth-running projects

We’re the world leader in offshore wind installation and service solutions at a wide variety of locations.

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Over 400 foundations installed – and more on their way

Our vessels can handle your monopile, jacket or tripod foundations. We can design and install the deck spread and sea-fastening to ensure that monopiles and transition pieces are securely stowed on board for transfer from harbour to offshore site. And we offer a full lifting design and supervision service that meets the demanding requirements of the BS7121 standard.

Larger foundations demand greater know-how

The monopile has been the most commonly used foundation type for offshore wind farms. As projects move further offshore into deeper water, monopiles are becoming larger in length and diameter. Consequently, weights are increasing significantly. The powerful heavy lift cranes on board Sea Challenger and Sea Installer, for example, are ideal tools for handling these huge steel tubes.

While having the right equipment is important, know-how and experience is critical to successfully planning and implementing the complex upending and lifting procedures. At the same time, safety and precision is critical when lifting such large, heavy structures, and our dedicated team of lifting supervisors ensures that everything proceeds according to plan.

Innovating from the seabed up

New foundation designs are constantly being developed as the industry evolves and projects move into even deeper water. A2Sea keeps up with these developments, and has been involved in the trial installation of a new suction bucket foundation design. And we’re continually refining transport and lifting processes and equipment to make the job of installing today’s popular foundation types even more safe and efficient.



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