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Update SEA WORKER grounding

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On 27 January 2016, SEA WORKER grounded off the Coast of Hvide Sande, Denmark. 15 crew members were safely evacuated.

Yesterday, Thursday 28 January, a technical team consisting of external and internal specialists went on board SEA WORKER to inspect the barge.

The investigation showed that the jacking system has been seriously damaged. For now, it is not possible to move the barge from its current position.

Therefore, our focus is first to secure the barge at its current position and thereafter remove all oil from the barge to prevent any oil spill.

An A2SEA project team is currently coordinating the next step to be taken together with the salvage team that is on the project. This step is related to the removal of the barge.

For additional information, please contact
Jens Frederik Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, A2SEA  A/S, D: +45 76 204 700, M: +45 52 139 400