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Special transport to SEA INSTALLER

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In the earlier hours while most of Denmark was still asleep, four massive adapter rings were shipped from the company Valmont SM A/S in Rødekro 180 kilometres to the harbour of Hvide Sande. The four rings will be used as tower sea fastening on board SEA INSTALLER.

It took four large trucks and escort cars to ship the adapter rings to Hvide Sande and due to the size of the rings, several roads were completely closed for the trucks to navigate the narrow roads of Western Jutland.

Upon arrival, the four adapter rings were lifted on board the vessel and secured to the deck foundations with bolts. SEA INSTALLER is off to mobilisation at WD Close  in Newcastle and expected to depart Hvide Sande during this week.

When the vessel arrives in Newcastle, the adapter rings will be bolted additionally ready to carry four giant Siemens towers at a time for the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm.
SEA INSTALLER will start installation of the 91 Siemens 6MW turbines on Race Bank at the end of April.

Facts about the adapter rings
Each ring weighs approximately 23.500 kg
Height (max): 1944mm
Width (max): 6960mm