News in Brief

SEA POWER has been sold to Karpowership Americas Company Ltd.

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SEA POWER has been a part of the A2SEA fleet since 2002 and has installed turbines on Horns Reef 1 + 2, Lillgrunden, Rødsand 2, Kentish Flats, Arklow Bank 1 and Anholt to mention a few of the projects. Furthermore, in recent years the semi-jack up has been engaged in service assignments.

“SEA POWER pioneered the offshore wind installation business in the early 2000s. She has done great things within offshore wind and we are proud of her and her crew’s achievements. Having served A2SEA since the beginning in 2002 is quite an achievement also considering the increasing demands for equipment in the market. We are happy that the vessel can now continue the career outside A2SEA ,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO at A2SEA.