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SEA INSTALLER outperforms at Gunfleet Sands 3

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In January 2013, A2SEA’s new 2nd generation installation vessel SEA INSTALLER successfully installed two Siemens 6MW test turbines at the Gunfleet Sands site. 

A2SEA’s new installation vessel SEA INSTALLER has successfully and on time installed the two Siemens 6MW test turbines at DONG Energy’s demonstration site Gunfleet Sands 3.

It is the first installation for the new vessel SEA INSTALLER and it is the first time ever that Siemens 6MW turbines are being installed offshore.

“The installation of the two 6MW turbines is a step into the future of offshore wind. The turbines are getting bigger, and the future sites are further out to sea. This calls for more flexible vessels such as our new SEA INSTALLER. We are proud of being part of installing the first turbines of the future of offshore wind and very satisfied with the outstanding performance of both the crew onboard the vessel and the installation crew from Siemens,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO at A2SEA A/S.

Jens Frederik Hansen adds: “SEA INSTALLER showed already on the first test, that some of the advantages built into this 2nd generation vessel worked as expected. The first positioning of the vessel was done with an accuracy of incredible 3 cm and after a penetration of the legs with large spud cans many meters into the seabed they were efficiently and fast retracted from the seabed with the purpose build water injection system.”

SEA INSTALLER’s next assignment will be installing turbines at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. Afterwards she will sail to the Irish Sea and install some of the foundations and transition pieces and all the turbines at the 108 turbine project West of Duddon Sands (from April 2013 until mid-2014).

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SEA INSTALLER installation at Gunfleet Sands 3

SEA INSTALLER loading tower in Esbjerg

SEA INSTALLER loading in Esbjerg

SEA INSTALLER installation at night time

SEA INSTALLER at Gunfleet Sands 3

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