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Record-breaking year for A2SEA

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A2SEA has just published its annual accounts with a plus of 276,5 million DKK in 2013. The largest profit for the Danish offshore wind contractor ever in its 14 years history.

“We secured a very large occupancy of our vessels in 2013 including our new vessel SEA INSTALLER operating throughout the entire year. This has resulted in an impressive revenue with a following impressive result,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO in A2SEA.

“We expect a high occupancy of our vessels in 2014. Furthermore, within the next couple of months our second newbuilding SEA CHALLENGER will arrive in Denmark and start work on Westermost Rough in the summer. She will contribute substantially to the financial results in 2014.”

SEA CHALLENGER is a sister vessel and identical to SEA INSTALLER except for a larger crane (900 tons).

“With our new vessel we hope to be able to cement our leading position in the market and additionally contribute to lowering the cost of energy. By this we secure a continuous positive market for us to further develop our business,” says Jens Frederik Hansen.

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