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Last turbine installed at Gwynt y Môr

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On 28 June 2014, the last turbine at the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm was installed by SEA JACK. In total, 160 turbines have been installed by A2SEA’s jack-up barges SEA JACK and SEA WORKER.

“I am very happy to announce that SEA JACK has installed the final turbine at the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm in the Irish Sea, the world’s second largest offshore wind farm. We would like to send a special thanks and congratulations to the entire team behind the operation for a smooth project execution as well as an outstanding safety performance. This includes both the crew on board the vessels, the project team and of course our good colleagues and collaborators at RWE Innogy and Siemens Wind Power,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO at A2SEA.

At RWE, they are very proud to be able to inform, that the RWE Innogy UK flagship is now completed. RWE Innogy UK’s Gwynt y Môr’s Project Director, Toby Edmonds said: “This is another tremendous milestone for Gwynt y Môr and brings to an end a further chapter in its construction. The first of the 160 turbines was installed in May 2013, with the hundredth constructed offshore at the end of November. To have achieved the installation of all 160 in just over a year is a credit to the excellent cooperation and good working relationships between our project team, A2SEA and Siemens. “Our focus now turns to completing array cabling and commissioning all 160 turbines to ensure the wind farm is fully operational over the winter.”

The Gwynt Y Môr Offshore Wind Farm counts 160 3.6MW Siemens turbines and will – once operational – comprise 576MW, which will generate enough energy to meet the average annual energy needs of around 400,000 homes.

The 160 turbines are to date the largest amount of turbines installed by A2SEA on one single project.

SEA JACK went on hire for the project 30 April 2013 and SEA WORKER joined the project 22 June 2013.

The Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm is located in the East of the Irish Sea approximately 13 kilometres off the North Wales coast.

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