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Setting the standards

Raising jackup-barge safety standards

A2SEA has been a member of the IJUBOA association since the very beginning, and is the first member company to achieve an IJUBOA Certificate of Conformance.

IJUBOA stands for “International Jack-Up Barges Owners’ Association”. The association was founded in 2008 with the aim of raising safety standards for maritime construction using jack-up barges. Importantly, IJUBOA would to create and proliferate a well thought-out code of practice, against which companies can be audited, before any other association or agency with less expertise in the area took on the task. And it wasn’t just a code of practice, but a wider set of activities and guidelines including standardised logbooks, incident sharing among members and legislative lobbying.

Today, IJUBOA has become a group of some 14 barge owners working together to come up with comprehensive guidelines for performing work such as turbine installation using jack-up barges – and to have these guidelines turned into industry-standard regulations. The code of practice is based on International Safety Management’s (ISM) own code, but tweaked to cater for the special requirements of jack-up barges as a workplace.


IJUBOA’s mission is to “promote the safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound use of jack-up barges in response to a wide range of challenges”.

The association has three key goals:

  • To promote a safe industry
  • To promote a learning industry
  • To promote a well run industry

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