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Health & Safety

HSEQ are central to our work at A2Sea. Our Integrated Management System follow the ISM code set out by the International Maritime Organisation and the requirements in the ISO standards (9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001) – all which are certified by Lloyds Register.

A2Sea has developed a HSEQ strategy with focus on five strategic initiatives:

  • Zero Harm program
  • Organisational HSEQ anchorage
  • Process ownership and optimisation
  • Subcontractors management
  • HSEQ culture

The strategy aims towards actively involving our organisation and related business partners in a shared responsibility towards enhancing proactivity and due diligence while reducing the risk of harm to people, property and the environment.

At A2Sea, we are ALL accountable for our Zero Harm Vision. We strive to reach our Zero Harm Vision through Operational Excellence. We have the competence to constructively and proactively influence, intervene and take the lead on safety.

At A2Sea, safety is not just a priority but a core value embraced by every employee and incorporated into our business processes.

A2Sea wishes to promote a Fair and Just Culture under which individuals are not blamed for ‘honest errors’, but are held accountable for willful violations and gross negligence. A Fair and Just Culture supports learning from unsafe acts in order to improve the level of safety awareness through the improved recognition of safety situations and helps to develop conscious articulation and sharing of safety information. Hence we encourage all employees to report incidents with a view to sharing knowledge and transfer experience, thus strengthening the safety culture in A2Sea.

When going to one of our sites or vessels all staff, contractors, visitors etc. must go through a safety introduction with our Operational Safety Managers or Site Managers prior to access to site/vessel.

We maintain a strict policy on drugs and alcohol; use and possession of either on board vessels and at A2Sea premises is strictly forbidden. Random checks are regularly carried out to ensure adherence to this policy.

To report any breaches of safety policies, please contact us at a2sea@deme-group.com

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