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Good news for the ecosystem

After more than a decade of offshore wind, studies indicate that the immediate environmental outlook is positive. Areas of the seabed that were barren sand banks, home to sand eels and little else, have become reef habitats for a much richer eco-system. And, with offshore wind farms getting bigger all the time, the fishing exclusion zones around them may prove big enough to provide havens for heavily trawled fish populations to recover. So, as the industry scales up, studies will continue to monitor the populations of infauna, fish communities, birds and marine mammals. And, if the early results are anything to go by, offshore wind will not only have a positive effect on global warming, but also on the local eco-systems around each wind farm.

Taking care of our world

On board all our vessels and at the head office in Fredericia, Denmark we work according to the requirements in ISO 14001:2015, which are approved by Lloyds Register. We continuously evaluate our environmental performance, and strive to reduce impact on the environment wherever possible by using environmentally friendly products and considering the effects of our activities.

All of our vessels run on fuel types recommended by MARPOL Annex VI chapter 3 regarding emissions from ships. On board our vessels, we sort all refuse and dispose of non-recyclable matter to IMO-approved reception facilities ashore. At our head office in Fredericia, Denmark we sort our refuse according to local requirements.

Modern IT facilities help to reduce air travel via video conferencing, widely used, for example, between offices on land and our vessels.

Our SEA HEALTH programme registers, controls and monitors chemicals, and we draw up workplace risk assessments and personal protection schedules.

To report any behaviour that is not in line with our environmental policy, please contact us at a2sea@deme-group.com

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