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Full flexibility

Here-and-now changes? Not a problem.

Often, it starts with a single phone call that comes in from the blue. A wind farm project has encountered a major issue that turns the most detailed of installation plans upside down. Something has to be done and there’s no time to lose. If A2Sea is the site’s installation contractor, then you can be sure we’re flexible enough to do everything that needs to be done to solve the problem and keep things on track.

At A2Sea, being flexible enough to handle just about anything has become one of our favourite challenges. Our project managers have even been know to say they enjoy those unexpected phone calls, and we have become very good at coping with difficult situations, hiring in other vessels, and finding creative solutions to accommodate the new requirements.

The intensity and sheer hard work of such tasks can be very demanding, but the upside is the enormous pride we feel when we save the project, doing what many might think was impossible, but still with proper planning and the required high level of safety.

Flexible vessels

Since our vessels are completely focused on the offshore wind industry, we have a larger degree of freedom to make project-specific changes than many of our competitors who prefer to keep their vessels able to be used, for example, for Oil & Gas projects in addition to offshore wind.

We are constantly removing or adding structures and machinery. Many of these adaptations start as a project-specific requirement then become a permanent change if we think there’s a long-term advantage to other offshore projects.





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