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Team Built

Teamwork: A magic ingredient of smooth-running projects

You’ve specified the right equipment. And chosen an experienced installation contractor with the know-how to do the job. But that’s no guarantee of a smooth-running, on-time and on-budget result. There’s something else you should be looking for in the partner you choose: superior teamwork.

The way we see things, installing a foundation or turbine takes every bit as much teamwork as winning a Formula One race. There’s the vessel itself, the crew on board and all the engineers, planners and support staff that make it possible. Everyone contributes to the success.

A2Sea became a success the hard way – growing from a two-person company to the hundreds of staff employed today. So the concept of teamwork isn’t something introduced by management consultants or discovered by the marketing department. It’s something we’ve had to do all along. And we’ve become pretty good at it, too.

The logo

Our “Team Built.” logo is a sign that helps to keep teamwork in focus at our company – and it serves as a constant reminder to us that the entire industry – and the consumers we all ultimately serve – will benefit from increased industry-wide teamwork. You should expect to see it in many contexts where great teamwork has taken, or is taking place.


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