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People choose us for the way we work. They stay with us for the results we deliver.

How has one company installed almost half of the world’s offshore wind turbines? Contrary to what some may think, successful installation, service and logistics is about much more than the vessels themselves. Because, while anyone can charter a vessel, the essential difference is in the people who plan, implement and support the project. And those people perform at their best in close-knit, empowered teams rather than being hired in from project to project.

Uniquely powerful project teams

While there are many of our staff involved in planning the installation of an offshore wind turbine or other tasks from across the company, A2Sea’s Project Teams are a special ingredient in our success. Having been part of so many projects, we know that our Project Teams on land work more closely than anyone else with the crews at sea. It’s a unique core competence that just keeps getting better with every project we complete. And for our customers, this teamwork means we deliver thoroughly planned, executable and safe solutions.

An unbeatable record of on-time, on-budget deliveries

So where’s the proof that everything you’ve just read isn’t just a sales pitch? Take a look at our track record of deliveries and judge for yourself:

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