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Fleet management

A strategy for maximum availability

A2Sea has a main goal of delivering our clients maximum availability. Our target is at least 97 percent technical availability during our operating period.

To enable us to achieve this target, we have defined a maintenance strategy that ensures we use the appropriate safe equipment at the right time and in the right place. We support maximum up-time by reducing the time needed for maintenance and scheduling all preventive maintenance tasks at times when equipment is not needed.

Planned Maintenance System

To support our main goal, we use a Planned Maintenance System. This system enables us to plan and optimize all our upcoming maintenance activities, and to manage our past maintenance history.

All components in the Planned Maintenance System are evaluated for criticality in relation to our maintenance goals. We examine several aspects including project schedule, risk of downtime and costs.

For situations that demand it, we have an extensive stock on standby of critical components. These can be on site in less than 24 hours all over Northern Europe.

Performance monitoring and continuous improvements

In order to continuously improve our maintenance set-up and performance, we make active use of data analysis and well-defined KPIs. The data for our KPI calculations is supplied from internal and external data sources. As a minimum, we monitor values within the following areas:

  • Vessel availability
  • Vessel downtime
  • Technical failures
  • Finances

Our data analysis provides us with the information we need to continuously monitor our maintenance methods. This ensures we use the most suitable methods for different systems and components. We employ either preventive condition-based maintenance or considered corrective maintenance, depending on which we assess as the most suitable approach for each component.


All original Certificates are kept on board our vessels and in such a manner that they can be presented adequately at any time upon request.

Maritime HR/Crewing

Our goal is to support projects and vessels’ other assigned tasks by supplying a competent, safety-minded crew. We achieve this through a number of procedures and activities, including:

  • Clearly described structures and processes (SMS & Project manual/Client contracts)
  • Keeping an updated matrix covering training and experience of all positions on board
  • Ensuring that the crew are in compliance with the matrix
  • Individual CVs are kept updated
  • Competencies of all crew are secured through assessment of competent officers
  • Securing crew for all positions at all times
  • Flexibility to cover sickness and course activities
  • Flexibility to cover vacancies
  • Retention rates are followed closely


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