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Much more than the vessel

Offshore wind farm projects are becoming much more of a challenge, with turbines moving to deeper waters far from land. It’s a whole new situation with greater human and financial risks. The installation task itself is moving from relatively sheltered positions to the harsher weather and waves of the high seas. Turbines are being installed in all seasons. And everything is becoming much larger and heavier.

That’s why installing foundations and turbines in an increasingly challenging world is no longer a job for anyone with a vessel and a crew alone. The difference lies in track record, know-how, flexibility of fleet, and teamwork. And there’s no better place to find them all than at A2Sea.

Own vessels, own crews – a difference worth knowing about

A2Sea maintains and operates its own fleet of specially designed vessels and equipment. This gives us the flexibility to carry out many types of offshore wind installations and operations. We currently have the greatest capacity of any company in the offshore wind industry and are ready to continue to make significant investments in larger and more flexible vessels for the future, when needed. In being ready, we can remain at the cutting edge of the wind industry and our customers’ projects can continue to be carried out on time and on budget with excellence in safety.

We always use our own crews and operate and maintain our own vessels. This gives us absolute control over our work practices and means we can ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.





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