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CEO participates in charity bike race

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A2SEA’s CEO Jens Frederik Hansen is currently participating in a charity bike race in the French Alpes called “The Cycling Nerve”. The bike race collects money to the Danish Sclerosis Society. Three days in the French Alpes, a total of 350 km and no less than 8,143 vertical metres.

The purpose of the bike race is to collect money to research sclerosis which unfortunately is progressing. In average, two Danes are struck by sclerosis every day.

To Jens Frederik Hansen, it is obvious to participate: “To me it is a great incentive that I canĀ help collect money for a good cause and at the same time get into great physical shape and be challenged. And then there is the social aspect of training together with your team.”

Read more about “The Cycling Nerve” (in Danish only)