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Working at sea

Where much of the offshore wind energy action takes place, of course, is on board our vessels. Here the emphasis is on becoming part of and making a solid contribution to highly skilled, well-functioning teams.

And there’s plenty of room to develop your own skills further, too. We prefer to work with our own vessels and our own crews, so you’ll find yourself working alongside other A2Sea employees, creating strong bonds with your colleagues and building good working relationships with the customer representatives who join us on board. This ensures a stable offshore team that carries knowledge and experience from project to project.

And, because we know how just how important it is to enjoy time off work as well as when the action is on, you’ll find excellent food and comfortable, well-equipped accommodation waiting for you every day.

Jobs at sea

We offer the following types of jobs on our vessels and crew boats:

  • Masters/skippers
  • Chief officers/1st  officers /2nd Officers
  • Chief Engineers /1st  Engineers/2nd  Engineers/3rd Engineers
  • Chief Steward/stewardesse
  • Abled/ordinary Seamen
  • Crane Operators
  • Lifting Supervisors

Please be aware that we do not employ riggers, fitters and other similar functions. If you are looking for this type of position, we suggest approaching turbine manufacturers.


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