Make a sustainable difference

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A career with a purpose

At A2Sea, we’re working to help create a sustainable future. Working in sustainable energy for the world as a whole generates plenty of sustainable energy for us as individuals. We believe that what we do is highly rewarding – and that positive, motivating energy makes working together fun, too.

We’re keen to make good use of the skills every new employee brings to us. But we are just as interested in finding ways to lift their capabilities to the next level. After all, we’re a growing company in a growth industry, so everything and everyone has to be able to deal with a constant flow of new challenges and opportunities.

Working at A2Sea, you will find your skills developing every day. You will be part of a dynamic company where, the communication lines between people throughout our organisation are never long.

At A2Sea, we offer a wide variety of different jobs both at land and at sea. Our core competence areas are project management, vessel operation and lifting operations, which are supported by many other functions.

To see what types of positions we typically offer at sea and on land, see Working at Sea or Working on Land.


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