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Frequently asked questions

What does A2Sea do?

As a specialist in the transport and installation of offshore wind turbines, A2Sea fulfills an important role in the offshore wind energy supply chain. To date, A2Sea has had the lion’s share of this market, installing almost half of the world’s total offshore wind turbine capacity. The company has two second generation installation vessels, and can be considered to be a combination of a shipowner and a project organisation. There are around 160 employees, of which approx. 50 work in office settings, while the remainder are maritime staff at all levels.

A2Sea is owned 100% by Belgian GeoSea and A2Sea is headquartered in Fredericia.

How is A2Sea different from its competitors?

New competitors are making themselves known to the business. These are typically shipowners that perform transport and installation of wind turbines as a sideline, or companies formerly engaged in oil and gas. A2Sea however, is one of the industry’s “first mover”, having built up more than a decade of experience in this young industry. Based on our experience, track record and knowhow, we are known for delivering on time and on budget, and often take over where would-be competitors have been unable to live up to their promises.

Another important difference is that, instead of chartering, we have full ownership of our vessels. And crews and project management teams are part of A2Sea, too. This ensures close cooperation among people who are used to working together, with tools they are familiar with and processes that they have followed many times. And of course, at A2Sea, teamwork is at the centre of everything we do.

What are the most important trends and growth areas for A2Sea?

The offshore wind industry is growing rapidly and the number of wind farms is increasing. Today, we operate primarily in Denmark, the UK and Germany.

Both internally and together with other companies, we constantly work to improve our processes, often setting new standards for the installation of offshore wind components.

Can you give an example of A2Sea's Team Built. approach in action?

While there are many people involved in planning the installation of an offshore wind turbine or other tasks from across the company, A2Sea’s Project Teams are a special ingredient in our success. Having been part of so many projects, we know that our Project Teams on land work more closely than anyone else with the crews at sea. It’s a unique core competence that just keeps getting better with every project we complete. And for our customers, this teamwork means we deliver thoroughly planned, executable and safe solutions.

The land-based Project Team carries on a close dialog with vessel crews, monitoring and discussing procedures and lifting plans. So there are many professional eyes watching over each task – alert to what can be done in terms of engineering as well as what can be achieved within the capabilities of the vessel itself. And there is just as much focus on safety, with one team member responsible for the vessel, and two additional project safety officers. All three are important members of any Project Team. So you might say we bring together both theoretical and practical minds to help plan solutions for complex tasks.

What are A2Sea's terms of employment?

We offer exciting jobs in an innovative growth company, where decisions are made quickly and professionalism permeates everything we do. As an A2Sea employee, you will become part of a committed and enthusiastic project organisation where teamwork and individual responsibility are keywords. You will encounter a dynamic, informal working environment with colleagues who support each other and a broad international network of contacts.

We offer attractive employment terms including pension and bonus, potential for both professional and personal development, great food both in our canteen in Fredericia and on board our vessels, as well as health plans and an active staff welfare association.

What does it take for an employee achieve success at A2Sea?

Our pay-off is “powered by knowhow”, which points to the fact that the knowledge of our employees individually and in their teams is vital. So you will need to be ready to use what you know, develop it further, and share this knowledge with your colleagues. You will also best gain success by being flexible, since we work in an industry under constant change, where factors such as the weather and wind can completely change your plans and priorities for the day.

What's good about working at A2Sea from an everyday perspective?

  • We work in an industry that’s rapidly moving forward, and where there are new tasks and challenges all the time
  • There’s lots of energy, dynamism and a short time from decision to implementation
  • Our culture is informal, direct and results-oriented
  • Employees are, without a doubt, the company’s most important resource (anyone can hire a vessel, but having the right people and knowhow is what makes it a success)
  • We do a lot to make sure our employees are happy and motivated
  • We demonstrate an acknowledging and peer-level approach to our employees
  • There are plenty of staff benefits, including a great canteen, on-site massage and an active staff association

Sounds great. But doesn't working at A2Sea have its difficulties, too?

A2Sea’s a great place to work, but things do get pretty busy every now and then. Of course, we see that a positive problem, particularly in these times!

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