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Send us your resumé

If you think you have it what it takes to help us continue our rapid growth, then we want to hear from you, even if we are not currently advertising a position that matches your skills. (See what types of positions we typically offer on land and at sea.)

What to include in your application

As we receive many unsolicited applications, please follow these guidelines when you write and send your application.
  • Keep your application brief (maximum one A4-page)
  • Describe the position you are interested in and how your professional competences relate to it
  • Tell us about yourself as a person, including your values and your goals
  • Attach your CV with more detailed information about your competences and your work experience
  • Attach relevant enclosures (reports from previous jobs, references, certificates etc)
  • Please state how we can reach you (preferably both e-mail address and phone number)

Who to contact

For maritime/offshore positions please send your application to:
For positions within the onshore organisation please send your application to:



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