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A2SEA wins “Runner Up” Health & safety Award 2017

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On 23 January, A2SEA was one single vote from winning the Renewable UK “Health & Safety Award 2017”. Instead, the company was awarded the “Runner Up” award for the campaign targeting the musculoskeletal system, “Work Wise, Think Twice”. “We have already won,” says Kirsten Bank Christensen, Vice President for HSEQ at A2SEA.

The statistics speak for themselves – a reduction of more than 50% in injuries on the musculoskeletal system from 2015 to 2016 is quite an achievement. In 2015, A2SEA registered 29 personal injuries related to manual handling. In 2016, the number was 13.  Through examination of workplaces on board the vessels, reduction of standard size and weight of individual containers and other packaging and an exercise challenge across the company etc., the seafarers have managed to change both attitude and behaviour when working. It is hard to be a seafarer, but it should not wear you down.

“We can all be proud as we have already won when looking at the impressive reduction in injuries. This once again cements A2SEA’s position as a market leading company also on safety. Our seriousness and indomitable approach to improving ways of working and thinking make the difference. Congratulations to all and keep up the impressive work,” says a proud Kirsten Bank Christensen, Vice President of HSEQ at A2SEA.

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