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A2SEA supports the struggle against starvation

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During January, all of Denmark is busy collecting money to save starving children in Africa, South America and Asia. The yearly fund raising campaign is called “Danmarksindsamlingen” and A2SEA supports the campaign.

The focus of the campaign shifts every year. This year, money goes to 12 different projects to support the more than 3 million children who die every year due to starvation. Children, who does not get any food neither morning nor evening, who does not have enough strength to go to school, who cannot sleep at night due to hunger.

“In Denmark, starvation is not an issue. We are very fortunate and as we have the opportunity, we should help people in need. A2SEA has made it part of its CSR strategy to support the less fortunate. Every year, more than 3 million children die of starvation and 159 million children suffer from malnutrition. If we all come together, we can make the difference,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO in A2SEA.

On Saturday 4 February 2017, the national TV-station DR airs a collecting show where the involved organisations share information about the various projects.

Do you want to support, too? Click here for more information (Danish only).