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A2SEA supports homeless children world-wide

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In January, Danes unite to raise money to all the homeless children around the world. The annual fundraising campaign is called ”Danmarksindsamlingen”, and A2SEA contributes to the campaign. 

The focus of the campaign changes from year to year. In 2018, the aid will go to homeless children. Millions of children across the world are on the run from war, poverty, starvation or disease. Children living as nomads not knowing whether to spend the night in a tent, in an abandoned building or in the streets. Children, who in the hunt for food and shelter are forced to beg, steal or prostitute themselves in order to survive. A2SEA’s contribution and the 2018 campaign go to help homeless children get a more safe childhood and a better future.

”We are lucky in Denmark. Privileged. In Denmark the vast majority of children grows up in a safe home. Unfortunately, this is not the case for millions of children across the world and when we have the possibility to help, we should also do it. A2SEA has made it part of our company’s social responsibility strategy to support people in need. Together we can make a difference,” Michael Glavind, CEO at A2SEA says.

On Saturday 3 February 2018, the Danish national public-service television station DR has a big fundraising show where the involved organisations will tell more about their projects.