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A2SEA: Focus on the core business

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At an internal meeting today at A2SEA and its subsidiary CT Offshore, all employees were informed, that A2SEA wishes to focus solely on the core business, installation of foundations and turbines offshore.

The shift in focus and priority means that
– CT Offshore will not take on any more projects and all vessels and equipment will be sold.
– The vessels SEA POWER and SEA JACK will be laid up and sold.
– Crew Transfer Vessels will no longer be part of A2SEA’s product portfolio.

As a result, a considerable number of employees in both A2SEA and CT Offshore are expected to be made redundant. Hearings between management and employee representatives will take place during the rest of the day and affected employees will be informed this week.

As a part of the organisational restructuring in A2SEA, COO Hans Schneider will no longer by a part of the Executive Committee in A2SEA and has decided to continue his career outside the company.

The Walney Ext. contract will be handed over to VBMS to execute in full agreement and cooperation with DONG Energy.

For further information, please contact
Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA, +45 5213 9400