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A2SEA CEO bikes to Paris for a good cause

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On 4 July 2014, CEO Jens Frederik Hansen began his approx. 1,400 kilometers long bike ride from Copenhagen to Paris. The bike race is called “Team Rynkeby” and the purpose is to collect money for children with cancer.

“I have always had an interest in cycling. So, getting the opportunity to combine the social commitment and supporting a good cause with my hobby, gives me great personal satisfaction – doing something good and collecting money for children with cancer is a good cause, I think. And getting into shape while doing it is a nice added bonus. Furthermore, I believe that it is important for A2SEA to support causes like this to help sick children,” says Jens Frederik Hansen.

Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002 when 11 riders from the Danish company Rynkeby Foods decided to bike to Paris to see the Tour de France. Returning to Denmark – with a profit of DKK 38,000, they decided to donate the money to the Danish Childrens’ Cancer Foundation, “Børnecancerfonden”. In recent years more than 1,200 riders from six different countries participate in the bike ride and in 2012, the organisation managed to collect more than 16 million DKK.

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