Safety first - zero harm

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Health & Safety

Health and safety are central to our work at A2SEA. Our safety management systems follow the ISM code set out by the International Maritime Organization and the requirements in OHSAS 18001:2008 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Our safety management systems are certified by DNV. These systems describe and define all aspects of our safety policy on board our vessels and at our head office in Fredericia, Denmark.

To strengthen cooperation on health and safety our Safety Committee is formed by employee and management representatives from both vessels and office. Safety Committee focus areas are based on the trends extracted from i.a. our reporting system and trends in the market.

We encourage all employees to report incidents with a view to sharing knowledge and transfer experience, thus strengthening the safety culture in A2SEA. All incidents are handled in Synergi Life, the reporting system used in A2SEA, stating corrective and preventative actions to prevent reoccurrence of the incident.

When going to one of our sites or vessels all staff, contractors, visitors, etc. must go through an introduction course with our safety officers or site managers prior to access to site/vessel. Rules regarding visits to our sites are described in the leaflet “Safety Information before going on board”.

We maintain a strict policy on drugs and alcohol; use and possession of drugs and alcohol on board vessels and at A2SEA premises is strictly forbidden. Random checks are regularly carried out to ensure adherence to this policy.

To report any breaches of safety policies, please contact us at a2sea@a2sea.com.

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