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You are welcome to contact us if you would like to find out more about career opportunities at A2SEA. (See the types of jobs we typically offer at sea and on land.)

If you want to send us an application to keep on record, please see these guidelines.

For applications for careers at sea, please include CV as well as all relevant certificates.

For careers based “at sea”:

Sara Møller Christensen, Director, Maritime HR
P: +45 7592 8211
M: +45 5213 9314



For careers based “on land”:

A2SEA_Niels_Andersen_10Dec2012_0050_loresNiels Vangsø Andersen, Chief Human Resource Officer
P: +45 7592 8211
D: +45 7620 4716
M: +45 5213 9416









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